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Good Food Report 2020

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Report Background:

The global outbreak of New Coronavirus has prompted important reflections and concerns about the global food system. Although the science is currently inconclusive, media attention has focused on the negative link between industrial meat production and the spread of viral diseases.

Our current industrial food system relies on monoculture, mass concentrated rearing and heavy use of inputs such as agro-drugs and antibiotics. What are the environmental consequences of these practices? Loss of biodiversity, compromised soil quality, environmental pollution, and an increase in human diet-related diseases.

We need to take immediate and targeted action to build a more equitable, nutritious, sustainable and resilient food system to reduce the likelihood of future disease pandemics and increase social resilience. Just as the world must be "better rebuilt" from the crisis, the food system needs to be "better reshaped.

Report Description:

As the world's second largest economy, China is becoming an important player in the global food system, and Chinese food public interest organizations are playing their part in moving the country's food system in a more sustainable direction.

We invited Chinese public interest organizations to conduct research and projects in four areas: food public policy, public communication on food issues, institutional and corporate partnerships to promote healthy eating advocacy, and impact investments in the food sector. We also invited outstanding organizations in the field of global food system transformation to share their knowledge and experience with Chinese organizations. Through this call for reports and writing, we hope to unite outstanding organizations in the field of food system transformation in China and around the world to jointly promote the reshaping and transformation of China's food system, and also to introduce Chinese organizations to the world, in preparation for subsequent exchanges and cooperation.

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